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COOLTECH Deka - for cryolipolysis

Cooltech® has been designed for a non-invasive treatment of localized fat deposits in different parts of the body. It is equipped with applicators coming in different shape and size, designed to adapt to all anatomical areas in order to allow a complete silhouette reshaping. This tool has been the subject of several studies that have certified the excellent safety results of the treatments carried out. Its long history can guarantees the highest level of effectiveness in eliminating fat deposits.

CRYOMED - cryosauna

The cryosauna (or cryo cabin) is an actual individual cryotherapy cabin. The elevator floor on the inside makes sure that the person undergoing the treatment reaches the proper position by allowing the head out from the upper part of the cabin. The treatment lasts up to three minutes; both frequency and number of sessions can depend according to the purpose of the treatment. The functioning of the cryosauna is completely programmable and also automatic.
The treatment is based on controlled emission of vaporized nitrogen inside the cabin, to expose the person’s body to a -180 ° C internal temperature. The nitrogen in the gaseous state is inert, odorless, non-explosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.

K LASER - vascular laser

It allows the definitive elimination of capillaries from legs, thighs, arms and buttocks. The operation of the blue laser uses a triple waveform that works at different depths (445nm -660nm- 970nm).The three wavelengths, together or separately, eliminate capillaries and promote skin regeneration. During the treatment, the doctor will pass a device handpiece over the areas that has to be treated, concentrating the laser emission on each single capillary that will disappear instantaneously.

SMARTXYDE DOT DEKA - fractional CO2 laser

The Co2 laser is a laser equipped with carbon dioxide used for skin resurfacing and for treating wrinkles, spots, scars and stretch marks. It is a minimally ablative fractional Co2 laser equipped with an additional deep dermal heating system through a non-ablative bipolar radiofrequency. This two systems produce a double biological effect on tissues. The Co2 laser causes on the epidermal layer the vaporization of the tissue, followed by a cellular repair (called resurfacing), with a consequent improvement in skin texture, color, brightness and also in finer wrinkles. The Co2 laser causes a strong heating on collagen-rich dermal layers, shortening the collagen fibers (shrinkage),followed by the formation of new collagen to make the skin more tense (lift effect). The effects are noticeable since the first session and the slightest thermal damage to any of the surrounding areas will quickly recover.

PLEXR - plasma ablative laser

Plexr laser belongs to the latest generation of aesthetic medicine tools, and it is ideal for performing all non-ablative soft surgeries. This totally wireless device is extremely manageable, ergonomic and it was born because of the necessity to intervene on pathologies where it is difficult to use other tools, such as the laser or the radio scalpel. The Plexr, which is an electronic plasma generator, uses the fourth state of matter: the plasma. The treated tissues sublimate, thus avoiding to release heat in the tissues surrounding the treated areas. The principle used is the air gases ionization to obtain a small electric arc similar to a tiny lightning bolt, needed to treat the dermal and epidermal areas affected by aesthetic problems, thus avoiding a release of heat in the tissues surrounding the treated areas.

VISIO FACE - for skin analysis

Thanks to a particular light source, the Visio Face device photographs the stratum corneum to analyze spots, wrinkles and dilated pores and thus facilitate dermocosmetic advices or potential treatments. VisioFace can light up your face in a homogeneous way through a white diodes light while a digital camera takes high-resolution images. The device is simply connected to a computer via USB port and it is then ready for use. The CSI software creates a database of patient’s pictures and data and it allows you to make comparisons of selected skin areas, even at different times, to monitor the changes after the treatment, such as visible spots, pores, wrinkles and color.


The Q-Switched Laser is a technology created to remove spots and tattoos. Thanks to a particular wavelength absorbed by the pigment (color of the spot / tattoo), it is able to eliminate basically all types of abnormal skin coloration, without leaving any marks or scars. It uses the principle of photothermolysis; thanks to the superselective photoablation and to the emission of a very powerful light for an incredibly short time, a few nanoseconds, the effect of its radius is concentrated almost exclusively within the limits of the pigment particles, while leaving the outer layers of the skin undamaged. Its photo-acoustic effect, concentrated mainly at the impact point, shatters the colored particles that are later degraded and reabsorbed by the body.


This innovative device is the technology that was still non-existent in medical epilation. In fact, it uses the most effective and universally recognized wavelength for epilation. It is suitable for all patients, skin types and hair types. DEKA’s Moveo technology works with simple uniform movements on specific areas, eliminating unwanted hair. Several passages on the same area cause the progressive heating of the vital parts of the hair and their consequent destruction. Every step of the treatment is completely painless for the patient. Side effects such as burns or discolorations, are minimal. Motus AX takes all the advantages of the Alexandrite laser, overcoming the typical disadvantages of this technique (pain, difficult to apply, burns and discoloration).


Thunder MT is the laser system that uses two different wavelengths, Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd: YAG 1064 nm, in single or combined emission, with the exclusive Mixed Technology. It is the ultimate solution for perfect epilation all throughout the year and also suitable for all skin types, as well as for dermatological and vascular treatments and skin rejuvenation. It is a unique device that combines the best comfort for the patient, a real effectiveness of treatments and the maximum execution speed, achieving an unparalleled excellence in the market.

iPIX - Modular radiofrequency platform

iPIX is a modulation technology that provides maximum results in all types of radiofrequency treatment. It is indicated for reducing both fine and deep wrinkles, large pores, skin laxity, acne scars and stretch marks. Thanks to an ergonomic applicator together with a highly precise fractionated multipolar energy, the aesthetic doctor with iPIX device can successfully treat every part of both face and body with no distinction among any phototype, by the impulse modulation based on the type of tissue treated and the outcome, while upholding the highest safety standards. The specialist using iPIX can carry out both standard protocols to treat the most common imperfections or intervene freely. iPix is​a safe treatment for every skin type: it allows a complete control of the heating depth and density in the treated area, thus favoring skin rejuvenation almost painlessly and with minimally invasive treatments.