Professional team

Our medical team of medical professionals can guarantee to patients the highest professional and ethical standards. Beyond having high-profile level, each specialist has at heart the empathic and relational aspect that defines the relationship with the patient. Thanks to this holistic approach, every process of care and treatment becomes functional to a person’s well-being.

Dr. Marta Codognotto

Aesthetic medicine and Surgery

Chief medical officer and founder of the Hebe Clinic, Dr. Marta Codognotto graduated in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine at the University of Padua, specialized later in Nephrology and in Aesthetic medicine at the International School Fatebenefratelli of Rome. She also took an Executive Master in Management of Health and Social Care Organisations (EMMAS) at Bocconi University. She now practices the profession in all Hebe Clinic facilities and carries on her clinical activity also with medical research.

Dr. Antonella Ferrara
Aesthetic Doctor

Years of outpatient experience and in hospital wards is what permitted to Dr. Ferrara to develop interest in aesthetic medicine as a solution to improve the clinical course of pathologies that causes aesthetic decline, therefore negatively affecting patient’s lives.

Dr. Francesca Manganello
Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Manganello combines her specialised formation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology to her great skills in relationships, communication, listening and taking care of her patients thanks to her predisposition to precision and attention. Dr. Manganello, after scientific high school, graduated in in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Padua with a dissertation entitled “Role of aldosterone in polycystic ovary syndrome”.

Dott. Fabio Consiglio
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Fabio Consiglio is a Medical Surgeon specialised in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery and qualified to practice medicine in 2003, at the University “G.D’Annunzio” of Chieti. In 2009, at the University of Udine he specialised in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Currently, he works as a physician at the Plastic Surgery Operative Unit of the Regional Hospital of Treviso, where he deals mainly with breast reconstruction surgery and  facial nerve paralysis.

Dr. Stefano Piva
Doctor specialized in Nutrition Science

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Padua specialised in Nutrition Science, Dr. Stefano Piva for more than 20 years has been working on different facilities between Veneto and Friuli. His experience and sensitivity, allows his patients to find the right weight and a correct relationship with food.


Dr. Valentina Moro
Psychologist Specialized in Psychotherapy

She graduated in clinical and community psychology at the University of Padua and she later specialised in Psychotherapy. Certified in the profession of Psychologists of Veneto, she focuses in particular with personal and family distress and she collaborates with different schools and family counselling services.