Why Hebe?

Hebe, in classical mythology, represents the eternal youth goddess.
Among the divinities, she is the handmaiden serving to the Gods nectar and ambrosia, both exclusively reserved for divine beings. This figure has been chosen this figure because the skills of Hebe Clinic’s specialists are at the service of our patients, so that they can reach that state of Wellness, Harmony and Beauty that they deserve.

Obviously, while respecting the authenticity and natural peculiarity of each one

Our intuition

Hebe Clinic was born from a deep intuition: true Wellness Medicine it’s the synthesis of Health, Wellness and Beauty.
This is the aim of Hebe Clinic: to offer to all our patients the keys to reach these goals.

How? In three steps:


As knowledge and self-awareness, of your own body and your inner self.


As the restoration of the natural psychophysical balance, through some simple virtuous practices.


As the full realization and outward growth to expression of the inner beauty we all contain.

Each one of us is unique and precious.
Taking care of yourself harmoniously means not just being healthy and seeing yourself in good shape, but also to unleash a renewed balance and a deep awareness to feel good with your own self.


In Hebe Clinic we help you to rediscover a mix of positive vibes by offering the perfect synergy among different specialized activities, in particular in aesthetic surgery and medicine but also in nutrition science and psychology. Only with the integration of different medical fields you can reach a real and lasting physical, psychic and aesthetic wellbeing.

Health, Wellness and Beauty in 5 points


At Hebe Clinic taking care of our patients means, above all, welcoming them in an elegant and refined environment, immersing your senses, but also at the same time very discreet.


To Hebe Clinic exclusivity means the attention given to each person, every single moment, with care, reliability and involvement. It means wanting to know and share both deep needs and real expectations. It also means going together through a unique path of personalised medical and cosmetic treatments chosen with the patient. It is also wanting to verify constantly the level of satisfaction and the result obtained. It’s becoming the centre of reference and trust of Wellness Medicine.

Quality and professionalism

Hebe Clinic collaborates with a medical team, experts and consultants specialised in different professional fields, all using specific and cutting-edge tools. Constant specialization and formation, accurate, precise and latest generation tools, are the pillars upon which Hebe clinic stands to guarantee to its patients best quality in care and treatments.


To promote prevention and a healthy lifestyle – which is the first step to reach wellness and beauty – Hebe Clinic organises events to raise awareness on important issues all health-related.

Privacy and discretion

The commitment of Hebe Clinic to preserve privacy of each patient it’s for us crucial and essential.

Medical-aesthetic journey

In Hebe Clinic each patient is welcomed and guided through a customised path that starts with an overall medical-aesthetic consultation, continues with an individual and specific program of prevention and treatments, reaching its peak in verifying the results achieved.

The journey starts with an accurate and comprehensive anamnestic analysis and the evaluation of the specific requirements of the patient. It can be also suggested an insight planning through some specialised-medical-diagnostic examinations.
The prevention programme aims to preserve and improve the health condition through some specialised evaluation and the suggestion of some virtuous medical practices.