“Taking care intimately”

Women's health from adolescence to menopause

In Hebe Clinic we take care of female intimacy of women of all ages. Puberty, fertile period, pregnancy, menopause and postmenopause are very complex and delicate phases: our gynecology specialists follow every woman with professionalism and empathy, giving particular attention to the psychological side, in order to let women face transition stages and even more complex problems. We also take care of issues related to the reproductive field and to assisted reproductive techniques.

Taking care of the genital apparatus means:

• preventing: prevention is still the most effective form of treatment. Undergoing periodic medical check-ups is essential to monitor your health status
• diagnosing: thanks to a gynecology specialist performing the examination and all the tests related, it is possible to diagnose the main gynecological diseases.
• taking care: restoring women’s health and well-being thanks to specific interventions to solve any problem encountered during the diagnostic examination.

Clinica Hebe Offre


• Gynecological examination with pelvic ultrasound
• Contraception
• PAP test
• Breast examination

• Obstetric visit
• Sexology consultation
• Menopause consultation
• Customized hormone replacement therapy



t is certainly one of the most delicate moments in a woman’s life, which involves the termination of the ovarian activity and the drastic decrease of the estrogen production. The most evident consequence is the cessation of both menstruation and reproductive capacity. Menopause can cause several alterations both to genital organs (vaginal atrophy, with sensation of dryness, itching and pain during sexual intercourse) and bone tissue (osteoporosis)and moreover an increase in weight, mood swings, and alteration of sleep, hormonal balance, nervous system and cardiovascular system. Thanks to a customized hormone replacement therapy the most severe symptoms can be eliminated or greatly reduced.