Aesthetic medicine

"Harmony and youth in a delicate and minimal invasive way"

Aesthetic Surgery

“Taking care of your dreams”


“Taking care of your skin”


“Taking care of food choices”


“Taking care intimately”


“Taking care of yourself”

Hebe clinic,
wellness medicine

The customized journey and the specific treatments aim to let each person inner light shine through, in all its fullness and authenticity. The constant monitoring allows the comparison on the patient’s satisfaction, on the confirmation of the results achieved and their maintenance. All these steps, complementary and essential with each other, are taken with extreme care, dedication and attention. This because Hebe Clinic strongly believes that an attentive and specific medical evaluation is the first step to the improvement of the natural balance and also for the sublimation of each one’s beauty.

Cheekbone wrinkles filler

Latest generation of hyaluronic acid fillers are one of the most requested treatments because they are natural originated, versatile and biocompatible.


La Crioterapia Sistemica consiste nell’esposizione dell’intero corpo a temperature estremamente basse, solitamente al di sotto dei -110°C.


La chirurgia estetica dell’addome consiste nella rimozione dell’eccesso di cute e di grasso dalla parte superiore e inferiore dell’addome. (EN)